S A R T O R I A L • S U N R I S E

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Springtime is around the corner and that facto tickles the sartorialist in me! Me encanta sprucing up my ensembles with colores brillante! Springtime is when natures most vibrant palette is showcased. The petals, the warm sunrises, la fruta…all of it shouts life. As such I wanted to give a spring preview.

Technically, we’re still in winter. In fact we’re in the middle of winter for some parts of the country. But here is a way to insert irreverently insert some color into your winter wardrobe. When you do it, make it…





D E T A I L E D • D E T A L L A D O




I M P R E S S I V E • I M P R E S I O N A N T E





So tenga fun this winter while preparando for spring!!

Stay fly mis amigos!

• Blazer – H&M
• Trousers – Zara
• Sweater – St. John’s Bay
• Oxford Shirt – Nordstrom
• Socks – Polo Ralph Lauren
• Oxford Shoes – Rockport
• Timepiece – Diesel
• Pocket Square – Polo Ralph Lauren
• Driving Cap – Gorrin Brothers
• Scarf – Geoffrey Beene

Images by Kira Laws (@themoderndaycindi)

Boots; to wear or not to wear…that is the question!

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When I was a child, I spoke as a child…I thought as un niňo, pero now I am un adulto, I put away childish things!!!

As a kid, I didn’t like boots. See, I’m from Texas and this is what I knew about boots:

Phto cred: esquire.com

Photo cred: esquire.com

Now there is nothing wrong with a good pair of cowboy boots (like I said, I am from Texas), but they – as all footwear – have a place…una casa where they would feel comfortable being showcased!! And as a kid, that house wasn’t mine. Now I’m still not a huge fan of cowboy boots, but I have learned a bit about its cousins…


Chukka Boot
It is thought that this boot is derived from the sport of Polo. The name Chukka, as reported by our amigos at The Gentlemen’s Gazette, is actually the name of a period during the game of Polo. No wonder this boot is so classic!! This timeless boot is best worn with a heavier pant or jeans! It’s the boot that can be dressed up, or casually displayed! The boot comes in suede and leather, and the toe box can vary in width.
Suggested wear – Khakis, denim or chinos.

monsieur jerome

Combat Boot
The evolution of this specialized specimen of of footwear has been fun to watch. As the name suggests, it was originally (and still is) used for the brave men and women that serve their country in the military. Nowadays, however, the combat boot has a more glamourous reputation. The combat boot has become a favorite in urban and streetwear. It’s a versatile boot that can be worn casually and slightly dressy. The boot, however, always adds a rugged touch to all outfits.
Suggested wear – denim, chinos, cotton sweats pants, pant leg slightly tucked in.

Photo cred: followpic.net

Photo cred: followpic.net

nicholask(1) nymag

Photo cred: fashionenthusiast.com

Photo cred: fashionenthusiast.com

Chelsea Boot (dress boot)
To many this boot is known as the dress boot. It became popular in the 60’s and it’s demand hasn’t waned since. Generally, they have a high, close fit ankle to avoid the ever-irritating flopping! Though it’s known as the dress boot, it can still be casually worn.
Suggested wear – with slacks, a suit or jeans and a blazer.

Photo cred: gentlemensgazett.com

Photo cred: gentlemensgazett.com

Rain Boots
I used to think that the toe of a rain boot looked like a ducks bill!!! (Don’t judge me, lol) – I was still growing in style. Ohhhh but now…now I understand all that is the rain boot! As the name implies it’s boot made for wet weather. However this is not it’s only use. They have now morphed into a very fashionable option for footwear.
Suggested wear – jeans and winter/raincoat.

Photo cred - kikirooz.com

Photo cred – kikirooz.com

Photocred: huffingtonpost.com

Photocred: huffingtonpost.com

Motorcycle Boots
You know these…the ones that bikers made famous. The ones Erik Estrada diefied along with aviator sunglasses!!! Motorcycle boots are a fav among rockers and…you guessed it, motorcyclists!!! Movies in the 80’s always portrayed the hot, bad boy with the stoned washed jeans, leather motorcycle jacket with the wide belt and crisp white tee. That was the symbol of sexiness then…and guess what, many women still find it just as sexy.
Suggested wear – see previous sentence, lol!

Photo cred: denimhunters.com

Photo cred: denimhunters.com


Topsider/Brockton Boots
This boot is a favorite among teens. With varying ankle height, una hombre joven o adolescente can get different looks from them. The most popular brands, and very good quality, are Polo and Sperry. This type of boot is a casual in nature but can be a great juxtaposition and used to “prep” up an urban, street look.

Photo cred: drjays.com

Photo cred: drjays.com

Photo cred: jumpinstyle.com

Photo cred: jumpinstyle.com

Do note that these are just categories and there are many…MUCHO variations of each. Some with higher ankles, slimmer toe boxes, thicker heels, wing tips, etc. The details are simply a personal preference. Find the style you like and run with it!



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Enclosed is a link that serves as a quick guide when wearing God’s gift to fashion, aka a man’s suit! Now these guidelines do not take into account body type, more modern cuts, and current trends, pero as a generalización it applies and can be a good start!!!!!


Pic courtesy of our friends at Real Men Real Style (www.realmenrealstyle.com)

Faith and Fashion

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I am inextricably linked to my faith. It comes across in every aspect of mi vida!!! Let’s not get it twisted either, my faith being CHRISTIANITY!!! With that being said, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, I am also inextricably linked to fashion! Sela. Who we are should be evident in whatever we do. Los Señores abajo rep Faith and Fashion…Christ and clothes ever so flawlessly.

Disfruta (enjoy)

Worshiping the Most High in style

Worshiping the Most High in style

This jacket tho...

This jacket tho…

Class and style in an industry that often lacks both!!

Class and style in an industry that often lacks both!!

The G.O.A.T. of contemporary gospel. Kirk'style game is "excepcional"

The G.O.A.T. of contemporary gospel. Kirk’style game is “excepcional”

He's the future!

He’s the future!

One of my closest friends and dopest musicians in the game!

One of my closest friends and dopest musicians in the game!

He's never afraid to be bold...in faith or fashion

He’s never afraid to be bold…in faith or fashion

All praises for the suit and the award!

All praises for the suit and the award!

Fitness Inspired Trendsetters – F.I.T.’s

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It has been said that clothes don’t make el hombre…they make el hombre look great! And I agree! However looking great just “aint” enough.  Our outfits have to be balanced. We can’t have a black belt with brown oxfords (I. Cant. Stand. That!) – or gold cufflinks with a gun metal watch. If we as fashioneurs can balance our looks, then we should be able to balance our health and lifestyles.

Fit is the new fashion!  Check out some below F.I.T.s (Fitness Inspired Trendsetters).

Chad Johnson  shows his fly and his fitness

Chad Johnson lets his show his fly and fitness
Fashioneur: @ochocinco

Fitness and style should match

Fitness and style should match
Fashioneur: @6figlife

Long and lean is good for fitness and fashion!

Long and lean is good for fitness and fashion!
Fashioneur: @davidson_frere

Supplements support style!! #herbalife

Supplements support style!! #herbalife
Fashioneur: @duainrichmondfela

No Excuses...PERIOD

No Excuses…PERIOD
Fashioneur: @joesteezzy

Lets get to work Señores!


God is in the details!





Have you ever seen a cat in an outfit and it was nice, but you looked closely and saw a belt that made you say “God d@$%”! Or Maybe it was a light pin stripe or window pane on a shirt and in you head you uttered “Oh my God” with a sense of orgasmic disgust. Perhaps it was the stitching in the jeans or the shape of a pocket that made you say, in an admiring whisper and with the bitter beer face, “God”!

Señores, I’ve been there! I’ve seen a suit that was plain, but the pocket square, tie, and shoes took it to another level. How is this possible? The answer is in your reaction, ‘cuz God is in the details!!!

You can always spice up a boring outfit with an unexpected, yet tasteful detail that will take you from drab to divine. ‘Cuz God is in the details!





 Belts and jewelry will always do the trick!




A simple roll of the pant leg gives a different flavor!Image



Wearing designer socks is a conservative way to give a subtle change. (An attaché  and fedora always helps!) 


Scarves and glasses are nice juxtapositions to an otherwise conservative look!