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I love to try nueva things! As I’ve evolved in my personal estilo, I’ve become more comfortable venturing out. Not only is being sartorially savvy a must pero being stylishly street is more than necesario tambien. Nothing says style like being adorned in a timelessly tailored traje (suit) with a perfectly patterned shirt and tie combinación or rocking a simple…


street look with…

admirably arranged accessories and…

fabulously fixed footwear!

Recuerdo, it’s importante to remain versatile!

Stay fly mis amigos!

C R É D I T O S:
• Skully – Urban Outfitters
• Jacket – Damaged Goods by Sons of Heroes
• Extended Tee – Dividend for H&M
• Harem Pants – Zara Man
• Sneakers – H&M
• Scarf – Nordstrom
• Timepiece – Diesel
• Bracelets : ALDO
• Ring: Custom by Kira

Images: Brett White (@brett.white)

FALL Florals

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Fall is here. OH JOY!!! Every fashioneur…every style maven gets excited about Autumn. The layering of clothes; accessorizing with rich, bold scarves and hats; boots…ohhhh the boots!!! Aaaaaand the textures drive us insane (in a good way). One of the textures that is often underrepresented in our wardrobe is floral. Tradicionalmente, floral print in menswear is saved for the Spring – largely because flowers bloom in that time of year.


Think back; think back to an October of your childhood. Do you remember los colores of the leaves? Shades of crimson, orange, and marigold! Hints of heavenly hues of green. Close your eyes and feel the wind in your face…see the wind sway the weakening lily blossoms and the fading grass. As you see, floral prints belong here too.

Now that it’s Fall, make sure that your wardrobe pays sufficiente homage to the florals of this time period too!!
Let me show you why…

With Indigo Denim or khaki corduroy!

With Indigo Denim or khaki corduroy!

Floral sweater

Love this shirt

Love this shirt

No caption needed...

No caption needed…

Not a fan of all floral, but making them the highlight of your fit is an awesome idea!

Not a fan of all floral, but making them the highlight of your fit is an awesome idea!

Styled perfectly...yup, I'm stealing this look!

Styled perfectly…yup, I’m stealing this look!

Even in urbanwear

Even in urbanwear



Floral pocket squares are classic

Floral pocket squares are classic

10 Commandments



Fashion is an expression…a language. With all languages there are rules. In English, there must be subject-verb agreement. The articles in Español are el, la, los, and las. These tenets are at the basic level of speaking these languages. They are commands of sorts.

Below I present to you the 10 Commandments of fashion. This is not a “do ‘s don’t” list, but it is a collection of wisdom from some of the greatest fashionuers that have spoken the language!

I.” Under-dressing is the only sin. You should never be afraid to be the best dressed man in the room!”

– Hubert de Givenchy

II. “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

– Oscar Wilde

III. “Style is primarily a matter of instinct!”

-Bill Blass

IV. “The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

-Giorgio Armani

V. “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.”

-Ralph Lauren

VI. “It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.”

-Hardy Aimes

VII. “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

-Charles Hix

VIII. “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

-Mark Twain

IX. “I feel safe in white because, deep down inside, I’m an angel.”

-Sean Combs

X. “What a strange power there is in clothing.”

-Isaac Bashevis Singer

(The last pic is my fav!!!)