2013 Grammys

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Everybody has un favorito cousin that they grew up with. You know, the one you got into everything with. Or how about that friend with whom you were joined at the hip. You guys were flat out inseparable!

Well fashion and música are friends and family too! Lets see how they hang at the Grammys…












En Vogue, Fly, Gentlemen, GQ, Men's Fashion, Men's Style, Vouge

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” —> Never really understood that one!

“You are what you eat” —> I am NOT a vegetable or protein shake!!!!

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” —> Maybe…

“Another day, another dollar” —> But what if you don’t have a job?

“You are the company you keep” —> Now I like this one!! Lemme show you why…

This is the company I keep, and they keep me honest!!


Flashy fashion…it’ll light up your life!

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I try to mesh trends with classic looks to create a fresh new perspective to fashion. After all, fashion is the antithesis to boring! I mean seriously, how many grey suits can a señor wear? Levis, God’s fashion gift to men, are just jeans after a while.

Well, this may remain true until you understand flashy fashion…it’ll light up your life! Flashy fashion is not the over-the-top looks that dominate the runways. It is, instead, el nombre that I have given the latest casual shoe trend…neon colors. While they have been around for un minuto, it hasn’t been until recently that the neons have become uber popular!

Shhhh, pay attention below:

Alba Prat Neon

Cole Haan (these are on my wish list…oh joy)

Aldo and Prada

Stafford, Austin Plain toe …and they’re $50!!!!!!!!!!

Deltoro…Deltoro…Deltoro, how I love thee!!!!

Men's Cobalt Suede Oxford with Yellow Sole


T&F Slack

Señores, let me caution you. When wearing these zapatos fabuloso, por favor make sure that they are the highlight (pun intended) of the outfit!!!!!! Don’t over do it…puuuuhlease!!!!!!!