S U N D A Y | F U N D A Y (iPhone ed.)



Domingo (Sunday) is usually family day for me. After church (Hope City), we head to brunch. Some of our favorite spots around town are:

  • LePeep
  • Pappadeaux
  • Rouxpour
  • Max’s Wine Dive

This day decidimos (we decided) to visit a newer spot, Punk’s Simple Southern Food, in one of Houston’s premier areas called Rice University and oh boy!!

During this particular outting we wound up visitando durante their 1 year anniversary. It was a great vibe. The band was out, el sol was shining, the crawfish were boiling, and I had my best friend and esposa with me! ‘Twas a recipe for a good time.

Every king of fashion should keep his queen with him at all times…especially when she’s pregnant and hungry! 


Overalls: BDG | T-shirt: Abound from Nordstrom | Clutch: T-shirt & Jeans | Bracelet: Nordstrom

Not only should you feed her and take her to the best spots in the city, but she can become your photog as well! While esperando (waiting), Kira became just that! 

Nota: Señores, include your significant others in your fashionable decisions and expression. It’s a great way to bring them into your mundo and they will totalmente appreciate that!

Not only was the hottest couple in Houston on the scene, but I felt pretty fly as well. 


Shirt: Without Walls from Urban Outfitters | Ripped denim shorts: Levis | Sunglasses: Thrifted


Moccasins: Timberland


Timepiece: Diesel | Bracelets: Aldo Accessories

Mayo in Houston is all about the sun and as such I opted for a sunny chic look that was all about comfort.  Ripped shorts have become a favorito of mine. Just as ripped jeans, they are wonderfully versatile. The slim cut and length of them work well if your legs are larga like mine. 

Now admittedly I felt great…and I looked better, but spending tiempo with my wife trumps any tasty morsel that a chef can make. It supersedes any ensemble that I can come up with!  

Wedding Ring | Custom from Shaw’s Jeweler

   Now when it’s time to eat, I suggest the Low Country Benedict and their homemade biscuits. Oh, and the preserves will bless your life! 

All in all— fashion is great, but family is forever. I freaking love this woman. 

It really was a great day. Thanks Punk’s! ✌🏾️

Stay fly my friends,


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