Kingdom of the Beard

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We, as gentlemen, have to be be mas creativo than the ladies because we don’t have as many opciones. Expressing yourself through style has become more acceptable in recent years and in cultura popular!. The rough and rugged manly-man look has changed. Being a bit more svelte and crisp is now the trend and the norm.

What’s become very popular worldwide has been the reemergence of facial hair,more specifically, beards! Beards have always been mysterious. The trend and acceptance was largely grouped by ethnicity and generation. Many European-Americans, especially the baby-boomers, were not fans of beards. In the African-American culture, beards have largely been aceptado provided that they were well-maintained. Whether a mustache or a goat’s tee…a chin-strap or a full beard, most blacks care not as long as it’s manicured. What’s interestante to note is that to assimilate into mainstream culture, many blacks would adopt the facial hair philosophy of their anglo contemporaries.

Classic Gents, The Rat Pack

Classic Gents, The Rat Pack

If you fast-forward to current times, the acceptance of the beard (the full beard) has grown significantly. In-fact, it’s even gaining ground in el mundo professional. Now I’m not suggesting that you go to an interview as a full on mountain man, but once you’ve landed the job and know the culture, a beard is not automatically out of the question anymore. The key to this transición is maintenance.

So this begs the question, “How do you properly maintain a beard?” Maintenance begins with your comfort level and the desired outcome of the beard. If you are trying to hide or take the atenición away from un otro parte of your face, then certain lengths are great. If you are trying to create a rugged look that is acceptable in all environments, there are styles that can achieve this tambien!


The shadow or 5 o’clock shadow is a way to wear a beard that will be accepted in all environments. The key to this looks is to keep it light and low with a clean edge along the jawline, side-burns, and cheeks. Light neck hair is allowable but keep in in check as many professionals will frown upon it. Shadows are an irreverent way to remain masuclino and daring at the same time. Whether with a suit or at the game, a shadow fits todos looks.


The goatee is un favorito of mine. It’s best on the gents with strong/pronounced jaw lines. There are diferente variation of the goatee. Some are long and drop below the chin. Others are light and add just a bit of edge to a look. It usually very popular with the younger señores, pero the goatee adds an welcomed element of youthfulness to the more seasoned señores.


The chin strap, sometimes called the chin curtain, is another common style. It’s a good style for los señores that are beginning their journey to the Kingdom of the Beard. It connects the side burn with the jawline and helps to outline the face. This can give the appearance of a pronounced jawline.

There are dozens of variations of the the beard. The key is to make sure you have the face to wear them. Grow what your father gave you and have fun trying them out. Make sure that your beard is suited for your environment. Unfortunately vivimos (we live) in a world that judges, so err on the side of caution and use wisdom. If you don’t have such profesional restrictions, then try them all. Below is a guide that will help you.





Para los señores that are fearless I present to you the full beard!! Admittedly this is a risky beard, but kings…#BeardKings care not! Full beards are about power. They are about presence. They are about strength! Señores that wear these really just don’t give a…

Recuerdo señores, fashion and style is about comfort and self-image. Do what makes you feel good. After all, confidence is the most important part of your wardrobe!

Stay fly mis amigos!!!!!

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