ECKO’S Enlightening Experience



I’m an aspiring designer, and to be honest, I’m like a fish out of water. Creatively, I don’t have una problema (Well, at least in my mind I don’t). I know the product I want to design…and I can sketch a reference for a more accomplished artista.

From a business perspective, I know how to set up a business. My wife is an attorney so copywrites, trademarks, business documentation is done in house. Cuentas de bancarias (bank accounts) are set up, business plans are ever evolving. So in theory I have it all down.


It’s not that easy. Merging the two is a dance that requires specific steps and nuances that I’m still training for. It’s a complex equation that I’m still working out. I was talking about my journey through fashion with my wife and she asked me what current designers that are in my particular “lane” of fashion? I answered with a few names and told her that after reading about them, I still didn’t have much more insight.

I went to work a few days later and was browsing a favorite video blogging sight and came across a video that has inspired me and given me some tools and insight to the business side and the philosophy of the fashion industry. So let me share!

Señores…la introduccion de Marc Ecko!

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