God is in the details!





Have you ever seen a cat in an outfit and it was nice, but you looked closely and saw a belt that made you say “God d@$%”! Or Maybe it was a light pin stripe or window pane on a shirt and in you head you uttered “Oh my God” with a sense of orgasmic disgust. Perhaps it was the stitching in the jeans or the shape of a pocket that made you say, in an admiring whisper and with the bitter beer face, “God”!

Señores, I’ve been there! I’ve seen a suit that was plain, but the pocket square, tie, and shoes took it to another level. How is this possible? The answer is in your reaction, ‘cuz God is in the details!!!

You can always spice up a boring outfit with an unexpected, yet tasteful detail that will take you from drab to divine. ‘Cuz God is in the details!





 Belts and jewelry will always do the trick!




A simple roll of the pant leg gives a different flavor!Image



Wearing designer socks is a conservative way to give a subtle change. (An attaché  and fedora always helps!) 


Scarves and glasses are nice juxtapositions to an otherwise conservative look!


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