Before there were shoes…there were feet!

Gentlemanly Grooming

I think we can all agree that there are few thing worse than seeing a perfectly tailored suit, or a crisp pair of Levi’s (the premier jean, because of quality and variety) partnered with a pair of shoes that are hardly worth the leather that they’re made of. It cannot be over-stressed that shoes make the outfit! This truism has reigned supreme throughout all of fashion eternity. However, before there were shoes, there were feet!



Señores, I want to affirm that pedicures are our friends! We “fashioneurs” will go to odd lengths to keep our sneakers clean, buff and polish our wing tips, and tan our leather but our feet go neglected. I guarantee that she doesn’t want to be stabbed in the ankles when you roll over to kiss her goodnight. Señores, it shouldn’t look like you’re always wearing white ankle socks ‘cuz you’re ashy! I mean, c’mon, sandals with no pedicure is like Jordan in a Lakers uniform…it just doesn’t make sense!

Maybe the word pedicure gives you some trepidation…makes you uneasy, so instead, lets call it a “Papi-cure” or a “Power-cure”! Either way, daily we make tough decisions as men. This is one that needs to be made as well…TRUST ME!

Señores, there are no excuses…just try it.

It’s necessary…


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